Promotional video for WRAPPED Studio. Directed, filmed, edited, and composited by BDY Motion.
Trailer for Le Dernier Passage (2015) for the Locarno Film Festival. Editing and sound design by BDY Motion.
Promotionional video (2012) for Spinelli Kilcollin Jewelry. Co-direction and fabrication by BDY Motion and Dwyer Kilcollin. Animation and editing by BDY Motion. Acted by Courtney Wolfe and Yves Spinelli.
Instructional recipe video for  Produced, filmed, edited, composited, and animated by BDY Motion.


This collection of work includes promotional videos for the brands Wrapped Studio and Spinelli Kilcollin Jewelry, as well as a trailer for the independent film, Le Dernier Passage, and a sample of an instructional cooking video for

This work highlights video production, editing, compositing, sound design, and animation by BDY Motion.